Want to work at Goldman Sachs? Goldman's new quiz shows where to apply

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If you want a job at Goldman Sachs and are wondering which division is best deserving of your attention, you may want to check out Goldman Sachs' new careers quiz, which is designed to steer you in the right direction.

The quiz asks where you're studying, what you're studying and where you want to work for Goldman geographically. Thereafter, it launches into some broad questions which seem to bear no relation to banking careers but suggest that Goldman employs hip, animal-loving, philanthropists.

Here's a few examples:

Goldman careers question 1

 Goldman careers question 2Goldman careers question 3a

Responses to questions like those above should help determine where you're most suited to working at Goldman. However, the bank also seems to give a lot of weight to what you're studying - if you indicate that you're studying liberal arts, it seems the quiz will steer you more heavily in the direction of an operations career than if you say you're studying economics at a top tier university.

Interestingly, Goldman offers the following chart alongside its quiz. This shows that nearly as many of its employees have studied liberal arts as have studied finance.

Goldman area of study