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The Easiest Finance Jobs to Walk into Worldwide

If you're looking for a job in finance and can't find one, take heart: Hiring is still happening. Yes, the number of candidates exceeds the number of roles, but this is always so. And there are some areas where the ratio of candidates to the ratio of jobs is lower than others.

Using data from eFinancialCareers and information from recruiters on hot hiring areas, we've identified where the finance talent shortages are now. The figures below are derived by comparing the number of jobs containing each word or phrase being advertised now on eFinancialCareers, with the number of resumes containing the same phrase which have been uploaded into our database of global résumés over the past three months.

We have a big dataset to choose from: Overall there are currently 7,072 jobs advertised across the eFinancialCareers network and more than 70,000 candidates globally have uploaded their résumés since November. That makes an average of around 10 candidates to each job.

Here's where that ratio is significantly better for job seekers.

1. Regulatory risk, London, Hong Kong and New York

In the UK, we have just five CVs for regulatory risk professionals for each job on offer. In the US, we have seven CVs and in Hong Kong we have just one. If you're a regulatory risk professional, you might want to go to Hong Kong.

2. Market risk, UK

Market risk professionals are at an advantage in the UK, where we have just six CVs per job. By comparison, we have eight market risk CVs per market risk job in the US and 11 in Asia.

3. Operational risk, London and Hong Kong

Operational risk professionals should find it easiest to walk into jobs in Hong Kong, where we have only three CVs per job. This compares to seven in the US and five in London.

4. Liquidity risk, New York

Liquidity risk professionals should be most employable in New York and the U.S. We have just four liquidity risk CVs per role in the U.S. In London and Hong Kong we have seven.

5. Compliance, Hong Kong

Compliance is theoretically a hot area for jobs in finance, but that doesn't mean it's easy to get a job in the area. In the US we have nine CVs per compliance role. In the UK we have eight. In Hong Kong we only have five.

6. Counterparty valuation adjustment, London 

Counterparty valuation adjustment (CVA) trading, risk and analysis jobs have been hot for some time. In the UK we have six CVA CVs per role. In the U.S. we have eight. There are no jobs relating to CVA in Hong Kong...

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor
  • Wh
    3 February 2013

    Invaluable advice for anyone with no experience working in these areas.

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