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The who’s who of Morgan Stanley’s new managing directors

Morgan Stanley has unveiled its new crop of managing directors. At 144, it’s the smallest number since 2008 and just 17.4% are women.

We’ve analysed the list and tried to ascertain which divisions and countries the newly-minted MDs hail from. Investment banking again dominates, but those working in Morgan Stanley’s much-valued wealth management functions – which escaped the majority of job cuts – have also featured highly.

The US and UK again provide the bulk of this year's MDs, but a high proportion also work in Asia. However, Hong Kong houses more senior Morgan Stanley bankers than Singapore.

Despite all the talk of technology replacing employees in the front office, the IT division of Morgan Stanley remains under-represented in the top ranks. Just 10 people, or 7% of the total, work in a technology function. This compares favourably with Goldman Sachs, though, where just 3% of this year’s MDs worked in IT.

Morgan Stanley would not comment on which divisions or countries the MDs came from.

The list isn’t completely comprehensive, so if you know of any more details, please feel free to comment below.

Morgan Stanley’s managing director’s 2013: 

Hugh Abdullah, head of capital introduction Asia, Hong Kong

Yoko Akasaki, equity capital markets, Japan

Tosin Akinluyi, global head of commodities analysis, UK

Volkan Aktas, information technology and services, UK

Gaite Ali, portfolio manager emerging markets equities, Morgan Stanley Investment Managemnt (MSIM), NY

Patrick T. Allen, head of experienced recruiting, NY

Steven Allsopp

Nicholas P. Altieri, financial adviser, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, NY

Beat Ammon, investment management, NY

Sacha Anselm, equity distribution COO, UK

Yi Bao

Paolo Batori, emerging market fixed income strategy, UK

Josephine Berisha

Mitchell Bompey, NY

Jim Bonetti, leveraged finance, NY

David Boyle, chief investment officer, co-head of alternative investment partners real estate, MSIM, UK

Gerard Brady, global head of IT security, US

Grant Brady, NY

Matthew Brady, wealth management, NY

Stephen David Breen, financial adviser, NY

Penny J. Butcher, equity analyst, UK

J. Evan Calio, North American research team, NY

Karen A. Cassidy, treasurer, GWM, NY

Alexandre Pereira Rodrigues de Sa Castanheira

Karim Cellier, investment bank, UK

Lisa Chan, wealth management, NY

Albert Chang

Yahlin Chang

Elton Cheung, wealth management, Hong Kong

Thomas Choi, private equity, South Korea

Russell J. Colaco, investment banking, Canada

William Conroy, information technology, NY

Kris Davidson, investment banking, UK

Elizabeth A. Dennis, head of Latin America debt syndicate desk, NY

Christian Derold, portfolio manager, MSIM, UK

Scott Devitt, North American research, NY

Saurabh Dinakar, Investment banking, Hong Kong

Henry V. Domenici, investment banking, NY

Kirsten Doody, global COO for interest rate products, UK

Eugene Elias, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Salt Lake City

Steven Gregory Fernald, financial advisor, US

Daniel C. Fetters, M&A, LA

Norbert Fogarasi, investment banking, Hungary

Stephen Fox, financial adviser, NY

John H. Gernon, head of equity product development, MSIM

Anthony Golia, enterprise computing, NY

Thomas M. Gray

Pankaj Gupta, investment banking, India

Dudley Hancox, FX sales, NY

Peter Richard Harrison Jr., investment banking, NY

Thierry Vanden Hende, investment banking, UK

Pierre Herbst, regional head of internal audit for non-Japan Asia, Hong Kong

Katsuyuki Honda, investment banking, Japan.

Duane L. Hughes, legal and compliance, NY

Mathieu Ikeda

David Jarach, US risk manager, private wealth management, US

Nicholas Min Kwan Kee

Asif Khan, recruitment advisor, EMEA, UK

Govind Kilambi, chief investment officer, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Harukazu Kitagawa, investment banking, Japan

Matthew Knapp, compliance, NY

Jerry Jahkyoon Koo

Eduard Kostadinov, investment banking, Germany

Ashwin Krishnan, investment management, NY

Agnes Lai, investment banking, Hong Kong

Rehan Latif, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, UK

Denise Lau

Christopher R. Lee, structured products, Hong Kong

Erika Lee, legal Haroldo Leite, investment banking, Brazil

Ashley Z. W. Lester, head of market risk research, NY

David R. Lewis, North America research team, NY

Ben Lin, insurance research, Hong Kong

Angela Liu, real estate, China

Catherine Loui, human resources, Asia

Sergio Lupetin, investment banking, NY

Ilia Mallioras Murray Margolis, Canada

Shintaro Matsumoto, Japan

Tomofumi Matsuyama, investment banking, Japan

Sylvain Mayrargue

Scott McDavid, financial adviser, US

Michael I. McLaughlin, technology corporate finance, NY

Frederick A. McMullen, investment management, NY

Ryan Meredith, Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners, portfolio solutions, NY

Maxence Mesny

James Morley, head of clearing operations, Singapore

Charles Moser, head of Andean and southern cone capital markets coverage

Bernard Mourad, analyst, London

Venkat Mukkamala, global wealth management IT, NY

Kevin Ng, IT, NY

Christopher O'Dea, financial advisor, San Francisco

Patrick O'Hanlon, global head IT sourcing, NY

Niall J. O'Rourke, FID sales and trading, UK

David Oxley Oxland, finance, Hong Kong

Guilherme de Faria Lima e Paiva, chief equity strategist for Latin America, NY

Sergei Parmenov, portfolio manager, global asset allocation, NY

Bruno Paulson, co-manager, global franchise fund, UK

Rodolfo P. Perez Oceja, Mexico

Armando Petruccelli, financial adviser, NY

James Pike, investment banking, Hong Kong

Lou Pirenc, property investment, Australia

Keith Pisani, financial adviser, US

Hong Qiu, Hong Kong

Jarrod Quigley, portfolio manager – alternatives, Philadelphia, US

Bhoge Ramkumar, IT, UK

Samuel Rhee, portfolio manager, Singapore

Paul E. Ricciardelli, consulting group, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, US

Cameron Elise Rice, financial advisor, US

Stefano Romano, investment banking, Hong Kong

Melissa Ronaghan, head of strategy and business management, wealth management, NY

Vladimir Samarin, investment banking, Russia

Sven Sandow, head of credit capital and ratings analytics, NY

Steven M. Santos, NY

Carolyn Sargent, financial adviser, NY

Christoph Schaefer, UK

Stacia Schlosser, investment banking, Chicago

Arthur Schuetz, UK

Richard Sealy, information and technology services, UK

Benjamin Seelaus, financial advisor, NY

Brad Selig, financial advisor, NY

Adeesh Setya, investment banking, NY

Lauren Hochfelder Silverman, acquisitions, NY

Richard Stiens, financial advisor, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Carl Stith, global head of straight through processing, NY

Mark Sullivan, financial adviser, US

Anders Svensson, Australia

Hiroko Tanaka, legal, Japan

Teodor Todorov, investment banking, UK

Hiroki Tomiyasu, Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities, Japan

Jason A. Truman, M&A, NY

Vijay Vaidyanathan, investment banking, Hong Kong

Sebastiano Visentini

Oliver Wagner, investment banking, UK

Nick Wallum, trading, Hong Kong

Jan Weber, investment banking, UK

Julien Weber, investment banking, France

Sheila Welch, global workforce strategy at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, NY

David G. Whitcher, global power and utilities group, investment banking, NY

Stephen Wronski, financial adviser, NY

Daisuke Yamada, investment banking, Japan

Sajjad Zaheer, broker, NY

Mikolaj Zieleznik

Peter J. Zippelius, wealth management, NY

AUTHORPaul Clarke

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