Weekly Minute: ECB Desperate for Talent, Top Banks Still Hiring

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Here are the main job opportunities from the last week.

Tip: ECB Desperate for Talent

The European Central Bank (ECB) may soon need to hire as many as 1,000 new employees as it assumes its role as the next supervisor of European banks.

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Tip: Top Banks Making Strategic Hires

JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs are recruiting experienced front office M&A bankers, traders, researchers and strategists, with hiring seemingly focused on the US and London. Still, front office roles at each bank are far outweighed by advertisements for support staff to fill roles in technology, operations, compliance and risk management.

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Tip: ADIA Eyeing Private Equity

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, with an estimated $627 billion in assets, has been hiring throughout this year – predominantly in its private equity division.

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Barclays Bankers May Walk if Cash Bonuses Capped

This year, U.S. bankers expect to get paid larger bonuses, particularly in the mergers and acquisitions division, which has been performing better than other parts of the bank. If Barclays doesn’t change the structure of its bonus pool, departures may soon follow.

Libor Fine May Force UBS to Slash Previously Safe Bonuses

“It’s a lot of money and bonuses will probably be affected.”

Bonus Caps: Fair or Foul?

Bankers throughout Europe may soon be asking for a higher base salary if an EU proposal becomes law. Under the terms of the draft, a banker’s bonus would be capped at two times their base salary. And that’s if they’re lucky.