Hot Job of the day: Dispute Consulting for Duff and Phelps

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For some reason I keep hearing the Mission Impossible theme song whenever I see the name Phelps. Hopefully, this position at Duff and Phelps won't self-destruct ten seconds after you read about it because it's our pick for hot job of the day.

What makes it hot? Well, the job is listed as Dispute Consulting Senior Associate, and we figure anything involving disputes is going to be interesting. It's also located in Boston, one of the coolest, cities in the country.

Plus, I like the way Duff and Phelps eases into what you'll be doing as a dispute consultant. They start off talking about what they stand for, things like "the qualities that power sound decisions" and "behind every good decision, you'll find solid thinking, proven experience and valuable insight." Then they go on to admit that all the numbers and facts in the world mean nothing without a top team of professionals to make sense of them. That's where you come in. And you, in Duff and Phelps parlance, are "incisive, entrepreneurial and up for a challenge."

They claim to offer an environment where your talent and perspective matter - where you can make a real impact. How hot is that?

Their Dispute Consulting team of professionals consists of expert testifiers and consultants who bring an independent point of view, deep financial expertise and the know-how to turn complex issues into clear persuasive testimony for legal counsel and their clients. Services include intellectual property disputes, commercial and shareholder disputes, fraud, forensic and investigative services, M&A purchase price disputes and arbitration, business insurance consulting, bankruptcy litigation, merger trustee services and tax litigation.

That's a platefull.

As a Senior Associate, you'll work on engagements including retrospective solvency/fairness opinions, quantification of damages from a failed transaction, and commercial/shareholder disputes. You'll also be expected to coordinate engagements to ensure the end product will support thorough and grounded expert opinions and/or provide quality consulting services to attorneys within established time-frames; provide guidance to attorneys on key financial and business issues; and obtain an understanding of the drivers that affect value and creditworthiness of the subject company. There are some other things but you can read about them at the website.

As for requirements, you'll need at least a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Economics, Finance, Accounting or Statistics; or an MBA, a minimum 2 years of experience in the Financial Services industry, and proven modelling skills and that doesn't mean working a runway. You need to show knowledge of corporate finance principles and financial statement analysis, proven mathematical, analytical, research, and quantitative skills, and be able to make professional presentations, which means you have to possess superior verbal and written communication skills.

Still, interested, go here.

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