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The heat is on to clean up Wall Street of crime and corruption. Just look at the number of new legal and compliance positions we have open on our Web site alone, over 300 by my count. And that brings us to our "Hot Job of the Day": Vice President, Financial Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Testing, posted by The Forum Group, a Manhattan-based financial staffing and consulting firm.

The title alone was enough to catapult the position into the ranks of "cool jobs" to have. Just think about that day when your child asks you to attend "Parents Career Day" at school. And what does your mom or dad do for a living? "They fight crime, financial crime."

Recently we reported that anti-money laundering (AML) positions are on the rise due to the recent money laundering scandals at Standard Chartered and HSBC, and that compliance positions in general are now plentiful due to all the changes in rules and regulations being enacted from Dodd Frank, the LIBOR scandal and a general unease over the way some business was being done on Wall Street that may have contributed to the public's overall lack of trust and confidence in the markets.

When he was Mayor, Rudy Giuliani was credited with reducing crime and improving New York City's quality of life by putting more police officers on the street. It probably wouldn't hurt to put more financial crime fighters on Wall Street to re-instill some of the confidence lost in the financial crisis.

So if this is something you feel qualified for, check out this position.

It's based in Manhattan, you receive a base salary plus bonus and benefits and you'll be responsible for assessing and helping ensure the sufficiency and consistency of franchise-wide financial crime risk management practices. You'll get to conduct on-site assessments, targeted reviews and assignments that help management identify, remediate and escalate emerging financial crime issues.

Your main duties will be to develop and perform conformance testing reviews to ensure ongoing compliance with the Financial Crime Program which covers the reporting of suspicious activity, anti-bribery and corruption controls, customer risk scoring and financial crime training.

Requirements include a B.A./B.S. degree, seven years of compliance experience in a large global financial institution and specifically in capital markets and corporate banking businesses.

Editor's note: This is the start of a new series highlighting one position each day on the eFinancialCareers Web site.

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