Hot Job of the Day: The Commodities Quant

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Do you dream in imaginary numbers? Do you have a deep knowledge of the commodities market? Have you become stale toiling away in quantitative analysis for a bulge bracket investment bank? Have you ever thought about applying your quant skills to the OTC derivatives market? If so, this job just might be for you. Our pick for hot job of the day is the Commodities Quant, placed by the search firm Elgin White.

What makes this job so hot? Well, its salary is a comfortable $230,000 to $280,000, depending on your level of experience and how well you sell yourself to the hiring manager. Plus it's in New York City, which is high on the hot places to work meter.

The company is described as a leading provider of innovative financial software solutions. It's looking for a Commodities Quant to work in their OTC Derivatives and Structured Products department.

Here are some of the things you'll be expected to do:

  • Review commodities pricing models and methodologies currently in production.
  • Suggest testing procedure for existing and future models.
  • Supervise the commodities quant work on the research and implementation of new payoffs, models and methods.
  • Meet with the commodities business managers regarding the delivery of the business plan, and to discuss new market trends and features or possible requests from clients.
  • Visit clients, collecting their feedback on models and analytics, advertising new implementations and discussing future developments.

OK, so you'll have to walk and chew sugarless gum at the same time and be comfortable in social situations. Don't worry too much, you'll still be conversing in a language a small percentage of the world understands and you'll be surrounded by like-minded folks, for the most part.

Interested and feel qualified? Go here.

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