Around the World: Private Equity Jobs on the Rise in South Africa

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The top 10 banks most likely to be hiring in the MENA region

If you’re looking for a commercial bank in the MENA region that is growing quickly, not weighed down by non-performing loans and therefore most likely to recruit, it’s worth a glance at the list here. [Middle East]

There are a growing number of private equity jobs on offer in South Africa

If you’re looking for a financial services career in Africa, you may want to consider joining a private equity firm. Africa’s private equity sector is still small compared to the U.S. and the UK, but it’s growing fast and attracting considerable interest from abroad. [South Africa]

Based upon Moody’s update: a list of the most/least desirable banks to work for in derivatives trading

Yes, Moody’s has downgraded banks.Some banks are now solidly Baa rated and may fall further. Yes, we have been here before – back in the 1980s, when, as CreditSights analyst David Hendler notes, quite a few banks were rated BBB. [UK]

It’s not a full blown love affair; but expat finance professionals are still nabbing mainland jobs – here’s where

The Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security of China (MHRSS) wants to attract more foreign talent and develop a friendlier visa application process for those with international expertise. [Hong Kong]

Irish government wants to create 10,000 new financial services jobs in Ireland. Law firm creates 75

In the scheme of things, it’s not a big number, but the decision by law firm Maples and Calder to hire another 75 financial services lawyers over the next three years in Dublin is causing excitement nevertheless. [Ireland]

A potential HR nightmare: Loads of financial professionals in Australia would really like to quit their jobs this year

Almost two thirds of financial professionals are looking to change jobs in Australia this year, a worrying indication that firms will have a tough time holding onto staff once the market picks up. [Australia]

This could create a lot of new, highly paid, financial services jobs in Scotland

Some good news for anyone who wants to work in government bond trading in Edinburgh: a lot of new, high-paying, banking jobs could be coming to the City by 2015. [Scotland]