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How the Avengers can help you in your job search

They are Earth's mightiest heroes, formed to fight the foes no single hero could withstand. Marvel Comics' Avengers claim to be the most prestigious and powerful super-hero team ever. But beyond conquering villains, saving the world and being the subject of another blockbuster movie, they may also help lead you to your next financial job.

All you have to do is borrow from their strengths to make yourself a better candidate.

Here's what each of the Avengers can teach us as financial professionals in pursuit of a job:

Iron Man

He's as brilliant as he is rich. And that is no coincidence. As a candidate, you can “Iron-Up” by increasing your techno-savvy. Be aware of, and conversant in, the latest tools and trends affecting your area of discipline.

Captain America

When it comes to leadership, take a tip from the Captain. He's no flip-flopper. He's a take-charge difference-maker who speaks assuredly and with authority. That's something the financial world needs—and wants—more of. He also works out and stays healthy; keeping himself at the zenith of human potential.

Black Widow

But there is a softer, more subtle side, too. The Widow is a deeply mysterious and desirous spy. She's highly trained and multi-faceted. She defines the complexity demanded by almost every position today. Be more than your looks, more than your resume; surprise your prospective employer with your depth and varied talents. Show them off—or, if you don’t have any, acquire them. Black Widow is all about whatever-it-takes, and so should you be.

The Hulk

He's the opposite of subtle. Pure strength is what he leads with, and you’d do well to follow his example. Never undersell your strengths or fail to take the opportunity to promote them. Out with shy and humble; in with purple pants—not as your wardrobe, but as your frame of mind. Let your inner Hulk be heard.


Hawkeye can shoot the wings off a fly. But he's not only a grandmaster marksman. He's an exceptional fencer and acrobat. A high-achiever in whatever he pursues, he is always on-target and focused. He gets his message across, and so should you. Learn from Hawkeye: don't waste your time, or anyone else's.


Finally, Thor, who sports a top-flight family pedigree, with keen senses that allow him to track objects traveling faster than light and hear cries from the other side of the planet and with the ability to travel through time. Yet with all that he has going for him, Thor was given something even more special, the gift of humility. Instead of making an easy life easier for him, Thor's father placed him into the partially disabled body of medical student Donald Blake, eventually serving humankind by treating the ill. There is much to be learned and many more ways to grow taking the harder route to the top.

Like the Avengers, you possess your own unique set of skills. Take from this team of heroes the insight and inspiration that can help you become just as successful in your job search. Maybe the team from Marvel can help make you a bit more marvelous.

AUTHORRobert Namar Insider Comment

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The essential daily roundup of news and analysis read by everyone from senior bankers and traders to new recruits.