Around the World: Private banks are hiring global markets professionals

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A dose of reality for Emiratis trying to break into banking

The rhetoric coming out of most banks in the UAE when it comes to Emiratization is simple – recruiting local candidates is a key priority, they’re well-represented in the workforce but quotas will continue to increase and Emirati workers are the long-term solution to the burgeoning regional financial industry. [Middle East]

Private banks are still hiring. And they want global markets professionals

Investment banks may be stagnating and sitting on their hands, but private banks are growing and doing a little hiring.  Even better, private banks are quite keen on hiring people with specific experience from investment banks. [UK]

Banks fall even more in love with local candidates as expat hiring slumps

Localizing their workforces has long been a priority for global and regional firms in Singapore and Hong Kong. But the push to hire local candidates is gaining even stronger momentum this year. [Hong Kong]

How the UK immigration cap is hitting bank’s IT recruitment plans

With RBS and Lloyds both making redundancies and shifting jobs to India, getting non-EU technologists into the UK may not seem an issue right now. However, recruiters assure us that it is. [UK]

If you know enough wealthy people in China, you could end up being a private banker

It’s no secret that relationship managers are sought after in the mainland, but now banks in Hong Kong and the UAE are trying to lure them into jobs offshore.  [China]

What the great HSBC Asian insurance sale means for its employees

You’ve heard by now of the sale of some of HSBC’s insurance assets. Europe’s largest bank is selling its general insurance arms in Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico to AXA for US$494 million. In addition, Australian firm QBE Insurance Group will fork out US$420 million for the general insurance unit of Hang Seng Bank (a 62 percent subsidiary of HSBC) as well as HSBC’s general insurance business in Argentina. [Singapore]