Around the World: The UAE is Recruiting Chinese Bankers

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Chinese bankers: The UAE wants you

The growing demand for Chinese products and services in the UAE, as well as bilateral trade and tax agreements, have increased the need for bankers servicing UAE-based Chinese nationals. In the past, these consumers received limited attention from international, Chinese and local banks, but this is starting to change. [China]

Sorry, but salary hikes in Asia won’t be as rosy as last year

It’s only the start of the year but already pundits are placing their bets on how 2012 will shape up salary-wise. Here are some predictions on what pay increments will look like for those switching jobs in Asia this year. [Singapore]

The Runaway MBA: When employers hear “MBA,” they assume you are overpriced and inexperienced. My advice to prospective students… don’t do it!

The admissions department of my MBA school called me recently and asked if I would attend a reception for the new batch of prospective and accepted students. I responded to the request politely: I could not come. After all, if I did show up, I would not be able to provide romanticized answers that were needed to bait and hook the next intake. [Hong Kong]

Gulf investment bankers are exploring alternative career paths

Investment banking activity has been subdued in the MENA region for a few years now, but 2011 was undoubtedly something of an annus horribilis for the sector. [Middle East]

A year to fear? Here’s our preview of the Australian job market in 2012

Job seekers are scared; senior movement drives the market; and other trends for bankers Down Under. [Australia]

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