Our Picks for the 10 Best Advice Articles in 2011

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Throughout the year, eFinancialCareers featured numerous advice articles aimed at helping job seekers find employment. Here are 10 articles we have selected from among not only the most read articles of the year but also from those we believed provided important advice that needs repeating.

Here are our picks and yours for the best advice articles that appeared on eFinancialCareers during the year.

  1. CFA vs. MBA: Which one suits you best?
  2. Four Questions you should absolutely never ask in a first interview 
  3. Key Interview techniques from Morgan Stanley’s top recruiter
  4. How to avoid freaking out if you lose your job
  5. What you can do when you’re viewed as overqualified for the job?
  6. So the interviewer asks “why were you laid off?” Here are five tips to help justify your job loss
  7. If you’re looking for a job in financial technology, here are the skills most in demand
  8. You will always be employable if you know how to do this 
  9. A Financial Recruiter’s tips on surviving the interview marathon 
  10. Six common resume killers 

These were our picks for 2011. If you think we missed one that was also particularly helpful, feel free to make a comment below.