Friday’s headlines: JPMorgan Chase, BofA, Goldman noted as top employers for gays

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The financial services industry is considered a leader in adopting policies supporting their gay employees, according to a recent ranking from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, which promotes civil rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. A Bloomberg article highlights that JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs were among the top 22 financial firms noted as top workplaces for LGBT workers.

The story goes on to say, "Financial firms outperformed most other industries in adopting and enforcing non-discrimination policies, offering health insurance for same-sex partners and recruiting and retaining lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees." 

JPMorgan Chase is one of nine companies to achieve the highest rating for 10 straight years, while NYSE Euronext and Nasdaq OMX were among firms with the lowest scores.

Other News:

Citi’s head of hybrid trading leaves as the firm focuses 900 layoffs on that department. [Bloomberg]

Canadian banks cut 1,362 jobs in the fiscal fourth quarter – the sector’s first employment drop in two years. [Businessweek]

Japanese regulators penalized Citi and UBS for manipulating interest rates at which they borrow from each other. [DealBook]

Genworth named Goldman the lead manager for its Australian mortgage insurance business IPO. [WSJ]

Moody’s downgraded the three largest French banks. [NY Times]

Competition with Chinese firms are driving down Wall Street’s profits from Hong Kong IPOs. [Businessweek]

Hedge funds lost an average of 4.37 percent through November – the largest drop since 2008. [Financial times]

The global market for secondary private equity transactions jumped 25 percent over last year. [Economist]

Goldman will fund a hedge fund started by a former Barclays commodities trader. [Bloomberg]

NYU will offer a class on Occupy Wall Street. [NY Observer]