Around the World: Deutsche is expected to slash base salaries

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Foreign insurers in China expect headcount growth but face plenty of challenges

Foreign insurance firms in China still plan to increase their collective headcount by 2014, according to a recent report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. This comes despite their stagnating market share and changes in the shareholdings of insurance joint ventures at firms such as AXA, New York Life and Sun Life, who have cut or disposed of their JV stakes since last year. [China]

Now Deutsche is rumored to be plotting significant reductions in base salaries, soon

The German bank is rumored to be looking at removing the additions to base salary at its corporate and investment bank in London, which were awarded in 2009. According to headhunters, this could leave its senior staff significantly worse off. [Netherlands]

Young bankers are bonkers about bonuses

Junior bankers in Singapore are living in a bubble when it comes to bonuses, according to the 20-strong panel of in-house HR professionals who attended the recent eFinancialCareers roundtable in the city state. [Hong Kong]

The organization that’s increased net headcount by 3,175%. And other big hirers in London this year. 

Who were the big net financial services hirers in London in 2011? We can’t say for the full year, but we can say for the first 10 months. During this time, the big hirers were not the usual suspects. [UK]

These are the banks you want to work for in equities and FX during periods of intense volatility

In the event of continued volatility, financial services market intelligence firm Tricumen has come up with some helpful suggestions of the best banks to work for and the banks to avoid. [Russia]

GUEST COMMENT: How to leave your investment banking job properly

I usually hear nothing about the proper exit strategy from unfulfilling jobs. When I ask a person in finance who’s unhappy with their work just how long they intend to stay in their current role, I’m reminded of a Shakespearean quote: “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…” because they have no exit strategy. [Middle East]

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