Global roundup: BarCap's rate cut has a domino effect, gaming techies lured to UK hedge funds; China hires in reinsurance

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"Talent is not developed overnight," so we're still growing our graduate hiring, says KPMG China's head of people, performance and culture

KPMG is recruiting 1,700 to 2,000 graduates for 2012, compared with 1,500 for this year. But why is the firm expanding its junior ranks in the current global economic climate? [HK]

Why BarCap's contractor rate cuts will produce a domino effect

Until recently, the IT contractor 10 percent rate cuts had largely confined to a handful of investment banks which were retrenching in the UK anyway. Now, however, BarCap's decision to slash contractor pay could prove to be the tipping point for universal rate cuts. [UK]

The potentially lucrative packages on offer to gaming techies who move to UK hedge funds

Ireland is positioning itself as a global hub for games development, to the point where - according to a recent government report - it's expected to employ 4,500 people by 2014 and grow to $82.4 billion over the next five years. Central to this, rather obviously, is the technical expertise available locally. However, should developers in the gaming sector consider a move to the UK, they'd find no shortage of hedge funds looking to tap their services. [Ireland]

Asian hiring hotspot: Reinsurance

The demand for reinsurance and consequently, specialist talent, is climbing in Asia. Last month, a special report by Fitch Ratings estimated that Asia's contribution to total global reinsurance premiums was less than 10 percent - disproportionately low compared with its large population and high economic growth. Fitch therefore reckons the region has strong potential for future growth. [Singapore]

There are still opportunities at SWFs, but they want Western experience

Gulf sovereign wealth funds have always been able to provide a steady stream of recruitment regardless of the presiding economic conditions. Hiring sprees are rare, but then so are hiring freezes. Recently, however, there are some reasons for concern about their exposure to the eurozone crisis. [Mideast]

Six ways in which the global economic turmoil is wrecking Australian recruitment

eFinancialCareers recently ran a roundtable in Melbourne that was attended by 20 delegates from leading local and international financial institutions. Here's what they think about the job market. [Australia]