Around the world: How to work with recruiters if China is your dream; Credit Suisse expands in Qatar

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Five ways to work with recruiters if you want to move to China

1) Be targeted in your approach. Robert Parkinson, founder and managing director of RMG Selection, says: "The opportunities are never ending in what has to be one of the most voracious jobs markets that's ever existed." [China]

Despite everything, some headhunting firms are taking this opportunity to expand

Things may not be totally great, but that doesn't mean they're irretrievably awful. Only yesterday, Lloyd Blankfein said the current slowdown may just be a cyclical thing and that markets could snap back and everything will be fine again. [UK]

With markets in turmoil, there's no better time to do the CFA

Ashvin Vibhakar, managing director of Asia Pacific operations, CFA Institute, talks to us about ethical investment, the importance of a global qualification, getting through all that study and the remarkable popularity of the CFA charter in Asia Pacific. [Australia]

The first 48 hours of redundancy are critical

Taking action in the first 48 hours after a sports injury helps the body get over the initial shock whilst really accelerating the recovery process. This very same principle applies when dealing with another type of shock - losing your job. The following five steps are not exactly rocket science - most people will take the majority of these actions over time. But the key point is the TIMING of these actions. [Sweden]

Credit Suisse is expanding into asset management in Qatar; other firms are likely to follow

Qatar may be, according to some reports, the most promising financial center in the GCC, but it has long-maintained that its primary aim is to become the region's main center for asset management. International firms seem to be finally acknowledging this. Credit Suisse, which has won many large regional investment banking deals through its connection with Qatar Holdings, has now set up a new office in Doha and moved into larger premises in Tornado Tower. [Middle East]

Guest Comment: Why grade-A grads often make awful bankers

As I immerse myself deeply in the midst of my graduate job hunt with financial institutions, I realize that one criterion they commonly list is: "We look for individuals who like challenges." [Hong Kong]