Lunchtime Links: Find your place in the happy Goldman Sachs family

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If you've happened upon the Goldman Sachs website this week, you'll have noticed a big change.

Gone are the bland corporate sentiments and imposing photos of sky-scrapers. Now it's all images of a beaming, diverse workforce, slick video interviews with key executives, stories of its engagement with the community and testimonials from employees espousing its happy, collegiate working culture.

"One thing that amazed me was how everyone seemed to know and greet one another in the corridor, and many were vividly discussing their business ideas. It did not take me long to figure out how close and intertwined our network is," says Ann, an analyst in Goldman's wealth management division on her first impressions of the company.

This is one aspect of its new 'careers blog'. Another is an opportunity to take a quiz to determine which division of Goldman Sachs you're most suited for. Don't worry, the answer will never be 'none'.

Expect brain-teasers like:

When presented with new information, I prefer to:

-Fully analyze the situation before giving an opinion/recommendation

-React quickly and move on/"go with my gut feeling" [Maybe go with the first answer here]

As Dealbook suggests, the makeover is part of a wider attempt from the bank to shed its vampire squid reputation and appear all open, friendly and responsible. Are you convinced?

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"My host spent the entire first half of the game in the queue, missing out on all the on pitch action. When he did return, we had to drink pints of pretty appalling wine instead of a decent beer... and that's my excuse for the monumental hangover that followed." (City AM)

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