12 key high frequency trading operations that may provide you with a job

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If you want to work in high frequency trading but are at a loss for where to send your CV, the formation of Europe's first high frequency trading lobby provides a convenient answer.

There are 11 members in total, constituting the key companies in the European high frequency trading industry. Even better, they appear to be hiring.

1) RSJ

Based in Prague but trades in London, Chicago and Frankfurt and claims to be one of the world's largest algorithmic trading firms. Says it employs, 'top mathematicians, statisticians, developers and traders.'

2) International Algorithmic Trading

Based in Germany and employs 40 people. Currently advertising various software roles.

3) Flow Traders

Has a European office in Amsterdam. Currently advertising for junior traders, java developers and systems engineers.

4) IMC

Has offices in Amsterdam and Zug. IMC is currently advertising 8 roles in its Amsterdam office, including junior derivatives trader, and 2 in Zug.

5) Optiver

Based in Amsterdam, where it employs 300 people (out of 600 worldwide) and was voted 'Expat Employer of the Year' in 2010. Currently advertising two trading roles in Amsterdam.

6) DRW

Headquartered in Chicago but with offices in New York, London and Connecticut. Employs over 450 people and is currently looking for a trader for fixed income portfolio strategies in London.

7) Getco

Has offices in Chicago, New York, London and Singapore and employs 300 people. Isn't advertising specific roles, but says it looks for people who are, 'High on Innovation. Low on Ego.'

8) Hudson River Trading

Hudson River is based in New York, but has a London office. It says it wants to expand its software infrastructure, algorithm development and systems engineering groups and that it's looking for, 'brilliant candidates with strong programming skills who excel in computer science, math, statistics, physics or related technical fields.'

9) Knight

Based in the US, has offices in Zurich and London, not advertising any jobs currently

10) RGM

Based in Austin Texas, but has a London office. Doesn't appear to be hiring in London currently.

11) Chopper Trading

Based in Chicago but has offices in New York, London and Washington, D.C.

Says it's looking for software engineers and traders. Ideal trading candidates have, 'an electrical engineering background or are highly competitive with strong mathematical skills.'

12) Allston Trading</b

Headquartered in Chicago, but operates in the UK. No specific vacancies.

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