Lunchtime Links: Why you might want go to the Oxford-Man Institute if you want to be a quant; what you MUST know before your quant interview

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Man Group's results are out today. In the, it reveals that assets under management are up, profits are down, salespeople are in vogue and that the collaboration with the university of Oxford will be going on for another three years.

Man's likely to be hiring more salespeople over the next 12 months. It's already got 300 people working in sales, marketing and client service worldwide, but says it aspires to 'deepen its sales reach' in 2011.

Last time we looked, however, it seemed to be mostly hiring quanty types. If you aspire to fill these positions, the Oxford Man Institute of Quantitative Finance might be the place for you. Not only is its future now assured until 2014, but Man's report today lauds the Institute for the, "significantly enhanced recruitment opportunities" it brings.

In the event that you have a quant interview with or without attending the OMIOQF, Quantnet has a helpful list of all the stuff you'll need to know. This includes: Black-Scholes, Greeks, everything about bond yields and convexities, and the current value of every single major stock index.

Citi has added 70 MDS in IBD over the past year, but admits its revival is behind schedule and that it's a "hard sell" to senior hires. (Wall Street Journal)

Last year, UBS lost US its energy team to Citigroup. Yesterday, it hired two people. (Wall Street Journal)

UBS allegedly hasn't spent enough on FX technology and has lost share due to decrepit systems. (Reuters)

Gary Cohn's signature suggests he has a frugal and demanding nature with the possibility of generosity. (BusinessInsider)

It isn't leverage which causes a crisis, but the margin call. (LondonBankers)

Tall skinny Latte to cost 25 sometime soon. (Financial Times)

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