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A look at the accounts of three top financial services headhunting firms

In the wake of Kinsey Allen's death, we visited Companies House to see how other big financial services search firms in London are doing.

What we found was inconclusive. Not many search firms produce comprehensive accounts. And not many have filed their accounts recently. Nevertheless, there were some instances of interesting information. We've summarised them below.

They confirm that headhunters can be very well paid. Whether other firms are suffering in the same was as Kinsey Allen is less determinable: none of the search firms we found had filed results since the end of 2010.

The Rose Partnership

The Rose Partnership Limited went into voluntary liquidation in April 2010 and remerged as the Rose Partnership LLP.

In the 12 months ending June 2010 it had revenues of 6.9m and made profits of 4.6m, all of which was disbursed between 9 members, suggesting average remuneration of 511k per head. The highest remunerated member (who we assume to have been Philippa Rose) received 2.7m.

Sainty Hird

Sainty Hird's most recent accounts cover the year to December 31st 2010.

The company made revenues of 9.6m last year, up 60% on 2009. 25.2% of this was gross profit, down from 38.1% in 2009.

The company employed 16 people and paid them an average of 87.5k each. In 2007, it paid marginally more: an average of 94k each.

Sheffield Haworth

Sheffield Haworth hasn't filed any recent accounts: the most up to date information we could find was for the year ending 31st December 2009, when profits fell 82% versus 2008.

In 2009 Sheffield Haworth made 17 redundancies and paid its 78 staff members an average of 100k each. This was an increase on 2008, when it was more profitable but paid an average of 85k per head.

AUTHORSarah Butcher Global Editor
  • Ri
    31 May 2011

    Ricky - anyone who needs to speak to 100 recruiters should probably look a little closer to home to realise why they aren't getting the opportunities they are looking for.

    In my experience, the better you are at your job, the better your impression is of recruiters.

  • an
    27 May 2011

    We all know Banker isn't actually a real Banker......

  • Th
    27 May 2011

    Both banking as well as commercial professionals, e.g. from the staffing industry, will take a beating during the post-financial crisis trough, deemed recovery. It is not about bankers taking it up against their recruitment counterpart, relying solely on the latter's practices and their employment of certain types of conduct/behaviour.

    What qualifies every jobseeker to show their distaste to the staffing practice is their incessant encounter with recruiters acting like "psychologists", the Judge of a mandate's Faith, their client's business angel, aridly based on their perception of what a "client" wants/who should this job/who I "want" to do this job....which qualifies them to be the employer's as well as the jobseeker's phychologist/judge/critic/fate oracle...

    It is amusing at times to confront recruiters' views of the type The candidate Who "Stands Out".
    All of us get it: their job is not an easy one to do. We get it.

    But what is it that qualifies recruites to be psychologists/critics/judges/The Oracle is beyond any financier's comprehension...

  • Ri
    27 May 2011

    I agree with this line excpet you should change 75% to 95%

    and the recruiters, which I have found about 75% of them to be useless, arrogant, and dictating idiots to be perfectly honest.

    I'm honestly not exagerrating when I say 95% as well. I've dealt with at least 100 different recruitment agents recently and would recommend 2 or 3 at most.

  • Qu
    Quant Dev
    27 May 2011

    Banker has clearly proved to us all that his intellect is greater by his ability to correct the spelling of one word... let us hail this man and his petty digs..

    I am an IT Contractor in the Front Office of an Investment Bank - one of many I have worked at over a long career. I have to say that I have vast experience of working with both recruiters and bankers (and traders) and it really has to be said that the latter are a very arrogant bunch with a "holier than thou" attitude to all and everyone. Quite horrible people to be honest.

    I know who I would rather spend my time with.

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