Global Roundup: Bonds Are Back and DCMs Are Hiring, Ireland's Financial Services Vacancies up 35%

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Everything you need to know about hiring in one enormous report from Morgan Stanley, Predicts 20k job losses

Morgan Stanley and Oliver Wyman have produced their large annual report on the state of the investment banking industry. While it doesn't make for massively felicitous reading, what with Basel III and falling margins, it does say that banks need to reduce their costs and cut 20,000 jobs. Assuming you don't have the report, or don't want to read the whole 70 pages, here's a distilled version. [Luxembourg]

A harsh new and slightly strange reality sweeping across the Irish financial services hiring landscape

Despite an increase in financial services vacancies of around 35% compared to this time last year there's been a sharp drop in the number of candidates looking for work as well. [Ireland]

Bonds are back, baby, and so is DCM hiring

As investor preference veers from equities towards bonds, DCM teams are starting to rebuild. A recent article in Singapore's Business Times states that global bonds are still "attracting inflows amid an ominous equity market backdrop." It adds that fund managers generally have an overweight consensus on Asian bonds because of the region's perceived stability. [Singapore]

Do Chinese returnee bankers need a reality check?

Chinese returnee banking professionals sometimes have inflated salary expectations and their skills aren't always in demand at domestic banks. [China]

The Intern: Why my job at a big four firm in Hong Kong was boring but beneficial

I have a love/hate relationship with the auditing industry; a disdain for the tedium of its junior jobs but a growing respect for its ethics and accuracy. [HK]

REVIEW MY CV: I've spent two months as a prop trader and two months at a hedge fund and really want a long term job

I've spent two months as a prop trader and two months at a hedge fund and really want a long term job. I am applying for sales trading and broking roles for hedge funds/stockbrokers and banks. I managed to get my first job in finance this May, and am now looking for something a little more permanent. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. [UK]

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