More about SocGen's Plans for Expanding into U.S. Equities

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Word comes of Societe Generale's push into the U.S. equities space. Look for hiring to be focused on program trading and derivatives.

SocGen is making sure to get a strong foothold here. Being listed as a primary dealer in U.S. Treasury bonds certainly helps. Expect regulatory spots to be big at the firm stateside. More than likely the bank will poach talent, so look for a bit of moving around on the regulatory side.

SocGen's also been on a bit of a hiring spree in the U.K. Given recent higher-level strategic management hires, new spots could appear in London on the FX side. It follows the firm will add folks on the next rung down.

France's number two bank has already committed to expanding its wealth management business across the U.K., the Middle East, Canada, the U.S, and a portion of Europe and Asia. Hiring is predicted throughout the expansion, set for completion in 2015.

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