Global Roundup: Demand For Compliance Pros Soars in China

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Welcome to the year of the Chinese compliance professional

New job opportunities in compliance are spreading in China at a faster rate than they can be filled as regulators step up control measures in an effort to meet bank expansion. [Singapore]

The especially generous bit of the new BarCap bonus scheme

BarCap's bonus structure was announced late last week. Numbers were down across the board - by 10 percent - with managing directors impacted by clawback provisions that kick in with lower tier one capital ratios, to the tune of 7% or less. [UK]

Huge growth for private banking in Africa

A surge in the number of high-net-worth people is drawing private bankers to Africa in droves, including a number of western banks that are increasing their staffing.

[South Africa]

A new breed of recession-hardened workers now demanding pay rises

Those who survived the financial crisis in Scotland are facing added workload, and as a result, demanding higher salaries and upgrades to their job titles. [Scotland]

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