M&A Firms are Looking for Analysts, Strategy and Development Specialists

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As merger and acquisition activity picks up, so should the jobs available for M&A financial analysts, as well as strategy and development specialists. Thomson Reuters says M&A has seen its first yearly increase since 2007, welcome news after several sluggish years.

The fire sale prices for some distressed institutions, especially banks, means that it's a good time to go M&A shopping. Given the need to carefully pick these kind of deals, valuations experts are going to be in demand.

So, Who Might Be Hiring?

Start looking for opportunities to crop up at big consulting firms, merger advisory sections of the big banks, boutique investment banks, the bulge bracket, and private equity firms. Who are these folks looking to swoop up? The first to be hired or quickly moved up the ranks will almost certainly be those with previous expertise in deal execution and restructurings, as well as financial modeling skills.

Smaller investment banks, consulting firms, private equity, and hedge funds all want to poach seasoned M&A professionals from places like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. People looking to segue way into M&A need to have a financial analysis, quant, and valuation background. It also helps to have served in some sort of client-facing role.

Given that M&A positions routinely involve a ton of presentations and lots of face time, strong interpersonal skills are required. The pay's quite good. Senior financial analysts with a mere five to nine years in the sector can earn anywhere from $100,841 to $200,654 in salary, not including expected bonuses and profit sharing, according to PayScale.com.

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