Cryptic questions allegedly asked during markets interviews at JPMorgan

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We received the questions listed below as part of our win-an-iPod competition. They were allegedly asked during an internship interview for a sales and trading role and are therefore comparatively simple. But at least you know where the bar is set.

1) I can pay you twice your money every two years, three times your money

every three years or four times your money every four years. Which option do you choose and why?

2) I flip a coin. If it's heads you pay me 100. What should I pay you to

play this game? What about if I only have to get 1 heads in two

tosses, what is the new price?

3) What is the smaller angle between the two hands of the clock when it's five minutes past nine?

4) What happens to pension liabilities when interest rates go up?

5) What will you do if you don't get an offer at JP Morgan?

6) Do you have any remunerated work experience? Did you get on well with your manager?

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