GUEST COMMENT: I am a buyside junior and I want to work in Sydney or New York

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I'm a junior working on the buyside in London. I've got no major commitments here: I'm in my mid-twenties and rent rather than own a property. It feels like the ideal time to work abroad for a few years. It's something I've always wanted to do as I didn't have a gap year before starting work.

Sydney really appeals due to the climate and the outdoor lifestyle, rather than the grey outlook in London. New York is also alluring. I spent a long weekend over there recently and thought it could be a great city to live and work in.

Can anyone give me some advice?

Should I be handing in my notice in London, arriving in Sydney or New York as a tourist and counting on securing a job where the employer would sponsor me as a foreign national? Alternatively, should I try and arrange interviews and fly out to attend some over a few days?

Neither seem ideal. The first is daunting as I'll have to resign from a secure role. The second means that I could find myself returning for second and third round interviews with a 24hr flight each time!

Or should I be targeting global banks and funds whereby they could interview me from London? Does this happen at a junior level?

I've got three years' experience and have just passed my CFA.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.