Global Roundup: JPMorgan Pay Could Dwindle in Europe

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JPMorgan's results cast doubt on pay at its Europe investment bank

JPMorgan added 1,545 people to its investment bank over the past year, but its compensation bill is down 10 percent. At the current rate of accrual, comp per head will be down 15 percent. European bankers don't look well placed to fight for their share. [UK]

New kid on the block: CVA trading

Counterparty valuation adjustment (CVA) desks are nothing new. Most major U.S. banks have had them for a while. However, thanks to Basel III capital rules related to CVA, the area is becoming substantially more popular. [Belgium]

Would a call from your CEO convince you to take a counter offer?

Some counter offers are successful because they come straight from the top. "We were trying to recruit someone out of Citi when Vikram Pandit calls him up to persuade him to stay. This kind of thing isn't unheard of for top performers, even at VP level,"said a delegate at this week's eFinancialCareers recruitment roundtable in Hong Kong. [China]

The autumn hiring spree - it's back on

The post-Ramadan period in October and November traditionally sees a flurry of recruitment activity in the Middle East financial sector. This has been absent for the last couple of years, but it appears to be back in 2010. [Gulf]

UK recruiters looking to tap Irish accountants

Immigration caps in the UK, combined with skills-shortages in certain areas within the City, means that recruiters are increasingly trying to lure Irish accountants to more lucrative jobs in London and Europe. [Ireland]

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