Killer interview question: Could you tell us something remarkable?

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This question was asked at an interview for a junior-level position at a US investment bank.

The background

It was a third-round interview and the panel seemed to have exhausted their questions. But as the interview drew to a close, the head interviewer said: "As we have five minutes left, could you tell us something remarkable?"

How the candidate responded

My mind was blank, but before I could stop the words leaving my mouth I said: "Well, I will tell you something remarkable. I have been dating my girlfriend for three years at university and have never once been faithful, and she has never once found out. That is remarkable."

Did the candidate get the job?

I sat back to a strange silence, then the head interviewer lifted his head and said: "I cannot put this simpler: banking involves trust and integrity. You have just blown this interview."

Stunned by my own stupidity, I stood up, shook hands and left.

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