Global Roundup: Firms in Tokyo Increase Hiring in Equity Research

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Equity researchers are on the rise [Japan]

Foreign firms in Tokyo are beginning to increase their equity research hiring. And though much of the current activity is for replacements or upgrades, recruiters are hopeful that some serious expansion might be just around the corner.

Get set for a fixed-income talent fight [Singapore]

The People's Bank of China's recent announcement allowing RMB held offshore to be invested in its domestic bond market is likely to make foreign financial institutions fight for fixed-income professionals who can help them snap up opportunities in this developing market.

It's only on a small scale, but PE firms are hiring in Australia [Australia]

The appetite for new deals is returning to the Australian private equity scene, and this is already translating into more jobs.

Irish financial services facing a legal headache from disgruntled employees [Ireland]

The decision of around 90 employees in AIB's capital markets division to take legal action against the bank over unpaid bonuses may just be the start of a long line of litigation around pay and benefits in Ireland's financial sector.

A tale of two cities: Shenzhen and Tianjin boost their back offices [Singapore]

Tianjin and Shenzhen have recently become important back-office locations as foreign banks expand in China. Firms such as HSBC, Standard Chartered, RBS and DBS are recruiting more back-office staff in both locations, mainly at junior to middle level.

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