Monday's Headlines: Hedge Funds' New Retail Products May Propel Jobs in Fund Sales

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Paulson Joins Trend With Launch Of Retail Fund [FT]

The growing trend of hedge funds launching regulated funds known as "Ucits," designed for retail investors in Europe, will likely create new business and jobs for wholesalers and other fund sales professionals along with fund due-diligence analysts. The movement could get a big boost from Paulson & Co.'s entrance.

Dealer-Led Market May Be Disrupted By Dodd-Frank [Risk Magazine]

Along with sparking job growth at trading exchanges and swap execution facilities, the financial reform law's provisions that regulate OTC derivatives could lead some banks to upgrade their electronic trading platforms, creating IT jobs.

Citigroup's Risk Chief Learned the Hard Way [WSJ]

Risk professionals aiming to join Citigroup may pick up useful information from this close look at Citi's risk management team led by Brian Leach and 13 deputies he brought in since coming aboard in February 2008.

Top Green Initiatives of the Finance Sector [FierceFinance]

The three-part series (covering green data centers, green financing and green accountability) is a good starting point for aligning one's career to benefit from environmental consciousness among financial services firms.

Morgan Stanley Looks Like FinReg Winner: Analysts []

Morgan Stanley's revenue will hold up better than its rivals amid the changes wrought by the Dodd-Frank Act, according to a Morningstar report. Career opportunities can be expected to follow.

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