The News: Banks Seek Data, Project Management Expertise

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New Signs of a Pulse for Bank Technology Jobs [Bank Technology News]

CitiFinancial to Close 376 Branches, Cut 720 Jobs [Bloomberg News]

Wall Street Sees Derivatives Sales Flaws After SEC Goldman Suit [Bloomberg BusinessWeek]

When new deals return - as is already starting to happen - watch for dealers to voluntarily (or not) limit the size and scope of sales teams that cater to various classes of institutional customers.

Bank of America Ramps Up Online Brokerage [Registered Rep]

Moving smaller client accounts onto the retail free online trading platform will curtail some Merrill advisors' business - possibly opening the door to a new wave of departures from the Merrill broker force.

Goldman Alum Peter Kraus' Defiant, Decadent Return [NY Post]

One notable tidbit in case you interview at AllianceBernstein: "Kraus color-codes his suits to match the band of one of his many designer watches, while his multi-colored ties usually work well with the timepiece's dial."

Woman Says Citibank Fired Her Because She Was Too Hot [ClusterStock]

Hopefully superfluous warning: The above-linked article is NSFW. Not the photos, but portions of the text - oddly, the comments by the plaintiff's own lawyer.

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