The News: New Twists Loom For Bond Desks

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While fixed-income desks rack up profits at a healthy pace, the mix of trading activity is poised to shift. U.S. Treasury issuance will soon drop off. Meanwhile, private-label mortgage bonds are beginning to reappear.

A surge in tax receipts fuelled by the economic recovery is dampening the need for Treasury borrowing, the Financial Times reports. Thus, issuance will soon drop sharply from the record pace of the past two years. RBS analysts are looking for sales of new Treasury securities to come down by $90 billion by September, then shrink by $650 billion in the next fiscal year. Morgan Stanley predicts declines of $52 billion and $589 billion, respectively.

A separate FT story reports that Citigroup is marketing the first U.S. private bonds backed by new residential mortgages since 2008. The $222.4 million issue is being sold by Redwood Trust, a California REIT. They're expected to garner a Aaa rating from Moody's.

The issue marks the first return of a category of bonds that came to dominate the MBS market last decade - then became the epicenter of the financial crisis. Almost 90 percent of new U.S. residential mortgages currently carry a government guarantee through government sponsored enterprises such as Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

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