The News: HSBC Is Adding Hundreds To Its Global Management Corps

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HSBC is beckoning new graduates and MBA holders into an elite global leadership program the bank plans to expand with hundreds of new slots, including 100 additions this year.

The jobs provide a "tax-free salary" plus housing, medical care and pension, the Financial Times reports, citing a posting on the bank's Web site. HSBC currently has 380 such "International Managers," and plans to grow the number to 600 within the next three or four years.

The posting states that international managers "can expect to be given a new assignment, in a new country and new area of the Group" at regular intervals throughout their careers - initially every 18 months, later increasing to every 24 - 36 months.

Many of the top-ranking staff within the bank have been through the international managers program, the FT notes. Mike Geoghegan, HSBC's chief executive, himself relocated from London to Hong Kong last month. The bank operates in 86 countries and employs almost 300,000 people.

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