The News: Pay Czar Says He's Not Causing a Brain Drain

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Don't blame me if top producers are leaving big financial institutions, says Kenneth Feinberg, the Treasury Department's compensation czar for bailed-out companies.

Fineberg rejected accusations his rulings restricting top-level pay at such firms helped spark a "brain drain," the Financial Times reports:

Issuing new 2010 pay rulings, Mr. Feinberg said that 85 percent of the executives whose salary he last reviewed in October were still in place - evidence, he said, which "undercut the argument I've heard all along".

Some firms that have endured his watch don't agree. Bank of America and AIG have complained publicly about the curbs on pay. Many others - even some government officials - have indicated in private that Fineberg's rulings have been "disruptive" and incited employees to leave, the FT says.

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