The News: Discrimination on Display at AIG

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Two ugly facets of our industry's culture - gender discrimination and age discrimination - are alleged in a lawsuit brought by two former vice presidents at AIG Financial Products.

That's AIG's infamous derivatives business - the world's best-known poster boy for financial innovation gone wrong. The suit filed this week slaps on another unenviable image: "boys' club." Bloomberg News reports:

Susan Potter, 56, alleged that Joseph Cassano, the former head of AIG Financial Products, said he prefers young workers with 'curb appeal' to those who look like his aunt. A managing director appointed to handle sexual harassment complaints said AIG should replace some staff with young and attractive workers...

Potter and Deonna Taylor, 62, said managers misled them about salary caps, paid younger and male employees more for similar work and fired them in retaliation for filing discrimination charges.

Cassano's name is a familiar one to followers of AIG's travails. He ran the derivatives unit until March 2008, and is widely blamed for hundreds of billions of dollars of unhedged trades that blew up, resulting in a taxpayer bailout. His lawyer responded to the suit by saying Cassano treated staff fairly. The company also denies it discriminated or retaliated against the two women.

The complaint says Cassano "generally promoted a 'boys club' atmosphere and frequently made discriminatory statements about the staff," according to Bloomberg.

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