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Human Collateral: Real Layoffs, Real Damage; Share Your Stories

Welcome to Human Collateral, a weekly column that explores the real-life side of the Wall Street fallout. This is the place to read about the often gritty and graphic blood-and-guts realities of the largest financial catastrophe in memory. The way I see it, there are already plenty of sources for jobless rates, unemployment trends and sector news. Here we'll look at what's going on person-by-person, job search by job search.

I hope this won't all be devastating tales, however. While I suspect Wall Street's job forecast may be worse than many pundits predict, we'll explore strategies and techniques others are using to cope successfully, persevere, and launch new careers - and even find new jobs.

But for this to work, I need you to share. Send me your experiences. Tell me what you see in the market, in the office, in your neighborhood. Let me know what keeps you up at night. Are the economists keeping it real, or are they overly optimistic? Do we deserve this mess, or are we victims of greater forces?

Most importantly, read. Let me know what you think. Post comments here to connect with others who know what it's like to walk in your shoes, no matter how hard the slogging has been.

Emma Johnson is a New York based journalist who writes about money, business and finance for publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Forbes, MSN Money and others. Reach her at

AUTHOREmma Johnson Insider Comment
  • ky
    22 January 2010

    Pete I hear you Iam in the same boat The only thing that really galls me is that Marsullo (COUNTRYWIDE ) Stanley O'neill (Merrill ) James Cayne (Bear Stearns) were in violation of Sarbanes -OXLEY At Congressional hearings held Mr. Waxman Marsullo admitted he knew fraud was going on is he in jail the other 2 admitted they didn't understand what was going on but accepted the big bonuses or is Sarbanes -Oxley for other people like to hear from you

  • Pe
    12 January 2010

    Good Morning
    I see 20 years in the industry that cost many including myself there jobs due to greed and waste mostly.It kills me to have worked on numerous projects and exploratory ventures only to have watched them fail due to the facts .I have always known all this would catch up to us in this business but like others didn't think I would get brought down with it .Sadly I am looking for work at an age where there are few to be had and the outlook at best looks glim.There will be need for serious changes in many ways if any of us are to survive this period in time .Hopefully I will have more postive news in thois new year to come .

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