Are Bankers Worth Vaccinating?

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A brouhaha erupted last week over revelations several big Wall Street firms obtained scarce flu vaccine for employees through New York City's workplace clinic program alongside other businesses, schools and hospitals.

Goldman Sachs received 200 doses for its 8,700 employees in New York, according to the Associated Press. Citigroup received 1,200 doses. Both banks received fewer doses than they'd asked for, and gave the vaccine only to pregnant women and employees with serious health conditions. (Morgan Stanley ended up donating its 500 doses in New York City to area hospitals.)

"Critics said Wall Street firms should not have access to the vaccine before less wealthy Americans," says HealthCare Digital, a Web site. "Members of Congress demanded explanations, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminded city officials that the vaccine should go to those at high risk first."

Do you think critics have a point? Or is this simply the latest in a long string of scapegoating Wall Street? And could news reporters and editors do a better job of weeding out responsible policy critics from bigots with an agenda?