The Debate: Public Universities Vs. Ivy League

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We've noticed education tends to be a hot-button subject among eFC users. This week's comments provide confirmation.

Curing the 'Nowhere University' Syndrome

Several users wrote to endorse our story's premise that graduates of top private universities enjoy a leg up in hiring decisions, whether justified or not.

"Despite earning licenses, a charter, and authoring publications, I do believe that my career path and compensation level have been restrained by the lack of a 'name' degree," wrote Older and Wiser, who works in Credit. "Even 20 years after graduation, I am asked where I went to college (and, I suspect, am disregarded for it). If I had the chance to do it over, I'd go to the finest college name (not necessarily program) that I could wangle myself into. The name is really the only thing that mattered in my case."

Alpha, who works in asset management, voiced a different perspective. "I graduated from a virtually unknown university in a third world country (albeit with first class honors), and ended up working with a top-tier investment bank and currently as CEO of a $2 billion asset management firm. Attitude, aptitude, passion...they all count. It helps to be smart too. Good luck !"

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In Networking, Making Introductions Pays Off

Networking "is one of the only ways you can progress from a nobody to a somebody, or from somebody, to a greater somebody," wrote Jemk, from trading.

Chandrashekhar, who works in corporate banking, adds this caveat, which is also mentioned in the story: "Of course networking is important -- but please be very selective when adding people to your network or when recommending somebody from your network to others."

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