The Top-Earning Traders Of 2005

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Trader Monthly's list of the highest earning Wall Street traders is led by Goldman Sachs Managing Director Mark McGoldrick, 48. Co-head of global proprietary investments at Goldman, he earned an estimated $40 million to $50 million last year, the magazine said.

The other top traders:

Earning $30 million - $40 million

Raanan Agus - Goldman Sachs

Ken Karl - UBS

Boaz Weinstein - Deutsche Bank

Earning $20 million - $25 million

Simon Greenshields - Morgan Stanley

Jonathan Hoffman - Lehman Brothers (Miami)

Michael Hutchins - UBS

Rajeev Misra - Deutsche Bank (London)

Arvind Raghunathan - Deutsche Bank

Olav Refvik - Morgan Stanley

John Shapiro - Morgan Stanley

Ashok Varadhan - Goldman Sachs

Barry Witlin - Merrill Lynch

Jon Wood - UBS (London)

Earning $15 million - $20 million

John Bertuzzi - Goldman Sachs

George 'Beau' Taylor - JPMorgan

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