Legal Associate Director (Commercial) Legal Associate Director (Commercial) …

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)
in Abu Dhabi, Abu Z aby, United Arab Emirates
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 24 Sep 19
Highly Competitive
Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)
in Abu Dhabi, Abu Z aby, United Arab Emirates
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 24 Sep 19
Highly Competitive
ADGM's Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) is responsible for the regulation of financial services in the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and for the regulation of related activities. The Registration Authority (RA) is responsible for the registration, incorporation and licensing of legal entities in ADGM. The RA’s principal functions include the incorporation of companies and commercial licensing of ADGM establishments. The Legal Associate Director (Commercial) will assist the Policy & Legal Executive Director in the efficient operation of the Legal Team. They will work closely with the Executive Director’s other direct reports.

Leadership / Strategic Responsibilities

  • Define and implement the commercial legal strategy framework in coordination with the Legal and Strategy functions, as well as policies, procedures, and operational plan and ensure their alignment with ADGM overall strategy and goals.
  • Manage the development of the Commercial (legal) function’s manpower plan and overall budget and ensure endorsement of the budget by Finance.
  • Manage the activities of the Commercial (legal) function in accordance with the overall business and operational tolerances.

Operational Responsibilities

  • Develop relevant authority policy initiatives and legislative initiatives with input from all the relevant benchmark and stakeholders including internal and external stakeholders (cross-functional team), and provide guidance with the process of developing a policy and review consultation for policy drafts
  • Work collaboratively to further develop a comprehensive set of policy priorities, particularly at the authority and departmental levels in addition to provide research and analysis on policy areas important to ADGM and collaborate with a cross-functional team to develop and implement policies
  • Assess the needs of the ADGM, FSRA, and RA in development and maintenance of an internationally respected regulatory framework reviewing and monitoring international policy and legislative development
  • Liaise with the UAE Federal government and regulatory agencies on resolution of any policy and legislative initiatives across the FSRA and RA or represent ADGM on all legal issues or concerns with current or proposed legislation
  • Provide research and analysis on policy areas important to ADGM, and work collaboratively to further develop a comprehensive set of policy priorities, particularly at the authority and departmental levels
  • Monitor legislative opportunities from change in the political legislative landscape internationally
  • Reach out and build relationship with law firms and respective applicants in coordination with Business Development function (e.g. BD visits, exchange)
  • Draft and maintain the ADGM regulations and rules administered by FSRA and RA
  • Ensure clear legislation that enables regulated entities to effectively and efficiently meet their compliance obligations
  • Draft, review, negotiate and settle FSRA & RA contracts, agreements, and memoranda of understanding of which ADGM or any authorities or corporate services functions are part of, as well as representing them in negotiations contracts and agreements
  • Review and oversee the continuous maintenance of ADGM’s commercial policies, regulations and fee structure for the Registration Authority with input from the management team, and sign off from the Registrar and Board of Directors
  • Liaise with corporate communications for effective communications of changes to commercial regulations, applicable laws and policies both internally and externally
  • Set up and agree MOUs:
    • with Registrars for the provision / sharing of information related to registered entities/individuals
    • with government agencies to support the delivery of Registration Authority activities
  • Support and contribute to the development of the ADGM as an international Financial Center by review ADGM commercial legislation regularly and updating/amending the same to support business needs and/or to ensure relevant international and local best practice.
  • Monitor local and federal legislation to identify required changes in the Registration regulations and keep contingency plans ready
  • Provide legal input, advice and prepare legal documentation for the Registration Authority 

People Management Responsibilities

  • Direct the hiring, training and evaluation of the performance of employees within the Commercial (legal) function, and oversee their daily activities.
  • Liaise with HR to provide the Commercial (legal) team with required competency-based training and development opportunities.


  • Creates an environment where team members consistently drive to improve performance
  • Manages team with full accountability for achieving overall agreed objectives
  • Manages by effectively empowering team members
  • Takes responsibility for mentoring high potential and most critical talent in their career progression
  • Reviews performance of team and addresses performance issues quickly through clear decisions

Information Security related

  • Understand, adopt, adhere and practice responsibilities or controls as per ADGM Information Security policy and as per best practices explained in the induction and awareness sessions.
  • Confidentiality, Integrity and availability of the ADGM Information shall be maintained at all times i.e. within as well as outside ADGM.