Business Measures and Data Governance Manager

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Full Time

Your role
Are you a problem solver? Do you know how to develop innovative solutions?

We're looking for someone like that who will be responsible for ensuring that data governance and business measures processes are consistent, well-defined, well understood and practiced throughout the broader organization. The role is strategic in nature and the successful candidate will be responsible for designing and implementing programs and processes, communicating with staff across the business, and overseeing quality control over the ongoing data testing and auditing. While the primary focus will be on the Real Estate and Private Markets US (REPM) business and its processes and standards, collaboration with UBS Asset Management (UBS AM) and its Data Governance processes will be necessary.

The following list provides an overview of the activities of the role.

Enterprise Data Model
• Oversee initial build out of the Data Model (i.e., the entity relationship diagram that explains how data is housed in and moves between the various systems across the US business and support REPM and UBS AM standards).
• Update the Data Model as systems are expanded or new systems are brought online.
• Periodically test the Data Model, to ensure it is always up-to-date, accurate, and all-encompassing.
• Continuously re-evaluate and improve the Data Model, so that it increasingly and appropriately reflects the information that follows the ‘lifecycle of an asset'.
Business Measures Development and Management
• Work with internal personnel to design and implement business measures that will support effective investment management decision making.
• Document existing business measures. Determine efficacy with a view towards efficiency
• Ensure industry accepted metrics (i.e. KPI's, benchmarks, etc.) are developed for our portfolios.
• Engage with internal and external personnel including industry groups to implement best practices.
Business Process Model & Control Standards
• Work with business leaders and the designated business teams to document and re-design as necessary the Process Model and Control Standards.
• Design policies and procedures to ensure completeness and accuracy of data at its point of entry.
• Publish and communicate formal data standards.
• Work with internal business groups and external parties (e.g. property managers, joint venture partners, and other third-party groups) to ensure understanding of and adherence to data standards.
• Periodically audit processes to ensure that the defined Process Model accurately reflects actual practices, and that controls are being properly utilized.
• Ensure that data standards are understood and properly communicated to new employees and external partners.
Data Ownership Catalog
• Identify business leaders who are responsible for data (i.e., groups or teams) and ensure that the entire organization understands and respects the implications of Enterprise Data Ownership.
• Identify and maintain a formal list of responsible individuals throughout the organization; and ensure that they understand their role in maintaining data integrity.
• Organize and oversee communications throughout the organization to assure understanding and commitment to data and process integrity.
• Coordinate periodic testing, as well as ad-hoc problem resolution with business areas.
Central Store of Data Definitions
• Create and/or maintain and ensure the accuracy of Data Dictionaries for critical systems.
• Work with system ‘owners/administrators' to ensure that Data Dictionaries are accurate and properly understood, and that integration points between systems are designed with an appropriate understanding of the data being moved.
• Create a Cross-System Data Definition Summary that will identify critical ‘shared' data elements – i.e., those that span multiple systems – and catalog the manner by which those different systems describe, share, and use those data elements.
• Update the Cross-System Data Definition Summary as systems change and new systems are brought online.
• Periodically publish the Cross-System Data Definition Summary to the broader organization, as part of an ongoing effort to ensure that all individuals understand the system/data relationships that must be maintained.
Data Integrity Auditing Programs
• Design Data Integrity Auditing programs.
• Run routine checks for data consistency problems and work with departments to fix problems that show up.
• Create and coordinate formal periodic audits, and report on results.
Ad-hoc Data Integrity Questions
• Serve as the single point of contact to ensure that all questions about data and specific concerns or problems relating to data integrity are resolved.
• Track problems and analyze trends; identify patterns and underlying issues that may necessitate a review or re-design of the Enterprise Data Model or Data Processes.
Incorporate New Systems & Data
• Review new property manager and joint venture agreements for data / information expectations, and work with acquisition and portfolio teams to ensure that REPM can receive and supply data as necessary.

Your team
You'll be working with the Business Management team in Hartford, CT.

Your experience and skills
You have:
• Strong managerial experience; ability to work independently;
• Diplomatic and tactful;
• Highly collaborative and capable of building strong relationships (or expanding existing ones);
• Knowledgeable about investment data – at both the asset level and financial reporting level;
• Detail oriented;
• Strong leadership skills and demonstrated self-starter;
• Skilled in data modelling and process design;
• Experienced with one or more ERP systems, as well as data warehousing and business intelligence concepts; and
• Focused on industry developments and maintaining an understanding of industry best practices and new technologies.

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