• Competitive
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Permanent, Full time
  • Credit Suisse -
  • 17 Dec 18

Credit Suisse Labs - Product Manager

We Offer
The CS Labs Mission:

Help Credit Suisse explore and build its future. Show the power of small autonomous teams of engineers and scientists working together towards clear common goals. Leverage new tools and new ways of working to build new businesses and refresh old ones in a way that benefits both Credit Suisse as well as society as a whole.

The CS Labs are a new entity within Credit Suisse, a leading global bank. We are in downtown San Francisco. We intend to do great things, and we have an amazing organization to help us.

Behavioral Profile

We look for a similar behaviorial profile across all our team members:

You are insatiably curious with an insurmountable appetite for learning. While understanding the desired outcome of a venture you find yourself compelled to fully comprehend and question its purpose. You impart with skill what you have learned and can clearly explain the technical to the non-technical. Indeed, you are a natural teacher and diffuser of knowledge, and so your colleagues are constantly learning from you, as you do from them.

You are brave enough to challenge the status quo while your imagination, insight and experience compel you to speak up when you know changes can be made for the better. You have the confidence to perturb the old ways of thinking to bounce systems and processes out of local minima. You strive to do so with courtesy and understanding, but never become a slave to the nuances of an organization's culture. A reputation of successfully solving problems, following through on promises and delivering above expectations when others are in doubt, precedes you.

You are someone who thinks as much about the posing of the problem as the clever solution to it, and while your tenacity makes it tough to give up on a challenge, your higher reasoning tells you when it's time to quit.

The Product Manager
In the role of a product manager, you will spearhead a learning agenda, continuously form and test hypotheses, and define and build PoCs.

  • You have an uncanny ability to identifying opportunity areas:
  • You believe that there is a better world and that banking can play a role in enabling it. You can discern the purpose of existing systems, categorizations, and structures and you imagine a better construct all together.
  • You are driven to ask why and to understand the fundamental forces at play. You learn by asking, by doing, by observing, by researching, by whatever means possible.
  • You are comfortable speaking with a wide range of people, be they entrepreneurs, bankers, executives, or compliance officers.

You Offer
You have strong opinions, held weakly:

  • Your learning is driven by a hypothesis that is continuously updated. You're not shy about sharing your work in progress; you welcome it because it gives you an opportunity to clarify and to learn more still.
  • You understand that decisions are made with imperfect information. You seek input from a wide range of perspectives and look to drive towards a common understanding but you are wise in sensing when a decision must be made.

You are a builder:

  • You relish the opportunity to work with creative and prolific engineers.
  • You have the ability to grasp complex systems at a technical level.
  • You excel at decomposing complex problems into their component parts. You are as comfortable with details as with abstractions. You have a keen sense of when each is needed.


  • Demonstrated ability to discover opportunities, define and build PoCs
  • Demonstrated ability to lead multidisciplinary teams
  • Familiarity with modern software development practices
  • A background in financial services is not necessary. It is a nice to have.