User Experience / UX Researcher - Financial Services

User Experience / UX Researcher sought by leading Bank based in London

User Experience / UX Researcher sought by leading Bank based in London


*Work closely with our product managers, marketers, designers, strategists, analysts and other key stakeholders to determine the right research questions to ask, creating long-term research roadmaps and opportunity frameworks that align to and inform business strategy and goals.

*Define and execute (and, as necessary, invent) research methods appropriate to the questions at hand, including but not limited to field research, surveys, lab studies, remote testing, and A-B tests

*Synthesize a wide range of primary and secondary data types to perform quick and thorough analyses leading to focused, insightful, and actionable findings.

*Successfully persuade decision makers at all levels of the organization to take aligned action on research findings - inspire them and help them internalize opportunities to delight customers and differentiate our service.

*Translate insights into measurable customer experience outcomes aligned to business goals.

*Work with design, product management, engineering, and marketing, partners to develop innovative end-to-end solutions that address top outcomes, and iteratively design and test these solutions until outcomes are achieved or hypotheses are proven wrong.

*Collaborating and communicating professionally with internal teams and stakeholders.

*Staying abreast of UX trends and looking for creative ideas and inspiration in parallel analogous worlds. *Continuous collaboration with developing teams abroad and product managers to ensure that the implementation is successfully satisfying the user need that originated your designs.

*Reorganizing to better represent the stages of the design process Capabilities

*Significant experience contributing to the design of successful digital products and services, with a strong portfolio that illustrates how your research contributed to this success.

*Broad experience with the full range of research methods: qualitative and quantitative, attitudinal and behavioural, with deep expertise in one or more areas.

*Experience designing and running original experimental research on digital products and services.

*Solid understanding of the design process and how research is appropriately integrated at each phase. *Deep understanding of human motivations, capabilities, and limitations as applied to the design of interactive systems.

*Facility for uncovering root causes of good or bad research results for a given UI design; able to deconstruct product interfaces from a system-wide view into meaningful and useful component parts, and demonstrate the significance of each part's relationship to the other parts, and to the system as a whole. *Solid grasp of quantitative data analysis and inferential statistics.

* Exceptional written, verbal, and visual communication skills; ability to distil complex ideas into concise and accurate narratives that enlighten and inspire.

*Ability to independently drive multiple concurrent projects in an agile environment.

*Strategic, business-building approach to UX research with a passion for translating data into bottom-line impact.

*Experience researching and developing experiences for global markets.

*Passion for understanding the latest learnings and innovations in behavioral science, research methods, and UX design and applying these to your work.

*Have the ability to manage time wisely across projects.

*Have experience in working with a cross-functional team or large-scale software development lifecycle. *Demonstrate excellent communication and teamwork skills.

Please apply within for further details or call on 02073331519

James Shaw

Harvey Nash