Trainee Financial Trader

  • 60000+
  • London, England, United Kingdom
  • Permanent, Full time
  • City Investment Solutions
  • 22 Mar 19

Our vision is to create a new team of highly skilled traders who have the passion and strong interest necessary to learn and succeed in the financial industry.Our Training program is a unique program designed for individuals who want to start their career in trading the financial markets. It involves an intensive training for one month and its accompanied by a guaranteed funded live trading account with a 70/30 split of the profit in favour of the trader.

City Investment Solutions is a proprietary trading company founded by a team of experienced traders with genuine interest and passion for the financial markets. We specialise on both long term and short-term strategies with our main focus on Elliot Waves Theory and Principles. In order to become the best in the industry, we believe that it is very important to like the process of trading the financial markets not just the financial reward. We also have an algorithmic department, which specializes in algorithmic trading. Our team of high skilled experienced traders is here to help any individual with genuine passion for the financial markets for both manual and algorithmic trading.

The first three weeks of the program involves theory and practice on our trading platform. Going into the last week of the training period the trader receives the live funds from us and starts trading live under the close supervision of their mentor. After the completion of the first month of training the trainee continues to trade the live trading account that had already received from the company on their own pace and based on their own strategy and always with close communication and support from us whenever they need it.

This a commission job to start with based on the trading profits and the trainees are expected to cover the small cost of their training. However, unlike most of the other prop trading companies in London we offer our traders fixed salaries if they manage to produce solid consistent profits through their trading career with us, as we evaluate their trading accounts every month. A trader qualifies for selection for our Investment Fund where they will be under full employemnt when they produce a profit of 40% and above from the day they started trading the live account.

Skills Required

  • Motivation towards success
  • Knowledge of the financial markets
  • Self discipline
  • Willing to take the extra step
  • Patience and resilience