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in London, United Kingdom
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in London, United Kingdom
Permanent, Full time
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Senior Software Engineer - Integration Workflows
What we do:
Our new integration platform allows customers to download and customize data to their preferences from various Bloomberg businesses and deliver it to their connectivity points (web, FTP, MQ, etc.) In order to scale that customization, we are building a web based workflow designer. In the app, our internal staff and customers can mix and match nodes to create a graph of how the data flows and edit what configuration it has.

Beyond the platform we are building, we also currently provide file based integrations to our customers. We answer the problem of, "I need to send data files to the customer" either via a schedule or on demand. Ultimately, we want to run all of these file integrations on the new workflow platform.

What's in it for you?
 - Learn React and web front-end development
 - Understand how customers integrate with Bloomberg
 - Work on a variety of backend systems in various languages
 - Contribute to the new workflow domain where you think of terms of modelling and empowering our internal users and ENG teams to support those nodes

What we own:
 - Web-based graph designer for the workflow platform
 - Task schedulers to schedule file delivery
 - Connectivity adapters to reach the endpoints
 - Client calcrt report generator
 - Services and components to support all of the above

Fun fact! In one day, we run 65,000 file generations for 124 different types.

How we work:
We work in two week sprints and plan our projects with six sprint product increments. In a typical increment, there will be a mix of strategy work towards the platform, feature requests towards the existing file integrations, and technical debt work towards Linux and calcrt server.

We start the day with scrum, meet periodically as team members collaborating on projects throughout the day, and meet at the end of the day for any questions or code reviews. We meet weekly with our sister teams to collaborate on the strategic front, give demos, and collaborate on technical topics.

What we look for:
We work in these languages actively: C++, Python, TypeScript + React, and C#. You don't need to know them all but knowing at least one and an interest in working with the others is important.
Interest in the domain: do you like working on distributed systems where we interact with other team's components to generate files? Do you have ideas around how to make development of custom client workflows scale? Do you have some ideas on how to design a good user experience for people to build those workflows? Someone who has executed projects well, contributes ideas, able to develop in existing production systems, and interested in working in a new domain.

Current and upcoming projects:
 - We are onboarding a new business to BCI. Instead of using the existing file integration, we are registering them with the new workflow platform. To support that, we need to wrap some of our existing components into services on the new platform and add a web UI for those components. We also need to consider how to build towards allowing our other registered businesses to use the new platform.
 - One of the newer tasks registered with the trading system file integration wants to support file types based on what the customer selected. We are adding that as a feature and that involves supporting that extension at the connectivity adapters.
 - We continue to grow the UI experience by iterating our React based application.
 - We are moving towards out of process calcrt for our report generator. That involves tracking down data differences and adjusting to a service call instead of a library call.

If this sounds like you, apply!
Bloomberg is an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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