Senior Institutional Derivatives Sales - write your own paycheque Senior Institutional Derivatives Sales - write  …

D.R. Consulting
in London, England, United Kingdom
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 14 Jun 19
Six/Seven digit package
D.R. Consulting
in London, England, United Kingdom
Permanent, Full time
Last application, 14 Jun 19
Six/Seven digit package
Those in the know......know! The rest will find out soon, but maybe not soon enough Those in the know already know that the Agency business is the way forward for senior Institutional Salespeople in FX and Interest Rate derivatives. The market is rapidly wising up to this phenomenon.

My client is a well-established boutique operating as on the "Agency" model within the FX and IRD space. They offer a bespoke high-level strategic advisory and tactical execution service to a wide range of discerning buy-side players worldwide including many of the largest, best-known and most active Hedge Funds as well as a large number of smaller entities active in global macro trading.

Their wide network of bank relationships plus access to hidden liquidity from the buy-side means they can offer clients not only unparalleled liquidity and price-discovery, i.e. genuinely superior pricing and best execution in FX and Rates (cash and derivatives) in any and all currencies...and all with the added benefit of client anonymity

My client currently seeks three top quality senior institutional FX salespeople to join their growing team - one each on their London, New York and Singapore desks – to sell FX in G10 and Emerging Markets currencies with the emphasis on Derivatives, particularly currency options and NDFs

It’s worth stressing at the outset that this is emphatically not about selling yet one more generic source of liquidity but good old-fashioned proper “voice” coverage. This is emphatically not about platform sales or “click-to-trade”.

Rather we are looking for salespeople with market knowledge at least on a par with their clients' and consequently whose relationships are deeper and more substantial than most.  Someone who has taken the time and trouble to really get to know his/her customers - who they are, what they do and what they want - and endeavours to deliver what they need.

The ideal candidate will be a senior institutional salesperson with a minimum of ten years’ sales experience, a solid track record as a confirmed top producer and who has attained the level of senior VP or above (Director/Executive Director or MD) on an Institutional Sales desk at a serious bank.

You will be able to demonstrate top notch sales skills and strong client relationships focused either on Hedge Funds, non-captive Asset Managers or active market-user banks.

You will either be currently working at a bank or have recently left one, perhaps through redundancy. Or you may even be contemplating volunteering for a redundancy package….

Depending on your current situation you may simply be looking to maximise your earnings for the last several years of your sales career so that you can retire and do something more fun!  Alternatively you may well be committed to another decade or more in the market and wanting to build real equity in a growing business over a longer period.

Either way I’m looking for salespeople who are confident in their ability to generate serious revenue by delivering value to their clients in an environment where you are paid on results.

If this is you then you will be able to say completely truthfully that your clients like you, respect you, genuinely value your time and are truly receptive to your advice. If so they will have no problem seeing you rewarded handsomely for the value you bring to them in enhancing their own performance.

You probably won’t claim to have dozens of customers but instead will have a close relationship with a small number of individual Portfolio Managers/Traders.

So..........IF you’re fed up with spending the whole year worrying about the contents of your bonus letter (and what excuses for shafting you they'll come up with this time!) then my client’s compensation structure will delight you!!!

Because not only your basic salary (negotiable according to your seniority and requirements) but also your bonus are paid monthly

And your bonus is a set percentage of your production that is both contractual and guaranteed.

If you’ve been short-changed in the bonus round in the past (and who hasn’t at least once?!) you’ll be delighted to know that your bonus will never….ever be cut, adjusted or deferred.

Not on the basis that the team “did less well than expected”

Not on the basis that the bank “took a big hit in another department”

Not on the basis that people who allegedly worked just as hard as you but produced less also “need to be rewarded fairly” and that the only place the money can come from is the revenue you generated.

And not for any of the other "reasons" you’ve become accustomed to hearing in the last few years.

And……..most importantly of all there is NO CAP on your bonus.

So……if you recognise yourself here….

......then call me, David Rickford, on +44 20 7740 2885 or + 44 7768 502569.

Alternatively you respond with your CV and a covering letter via the eFinancialCareers portal or email me direct on