• Permanent, Full time
  • Schroders Investment Management
  • 2018-10-17
  • London, England, United Kingdom
  • Competitive
  • Full time

Assistant Fund Manager Horizon Equity Fund

Assistant Fund Manager Horizon Equity Fund

Role Overview

Over the past few years we have seen increasing client demand for investment strategies explicitly focused on delivering returns over the long term. The interest in patient investment strategies has coincided with growing expectations that environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are integrated throughout the investment process.

This demand creates the opportunity to build a new investment process. Assessing long term earnings growth means focusing on the drivers of growth rather than forecasts of growth. Understanding the sustainability of business practices, operations and strategy is vital to gauging profitability beyond the next few years.
We have developed the structure of an investment process that reflects those long term principles. It combines analysis of companies' financial, competitive and sustainability performances, and the markets they operate in.

As far as possible, we will apply objective measures to assess companies along those dimensions, augmenting that analysis with company specific diligence and insight. As a result, systematic and objective measures of performance will identify a longer list of potentially attractive stocks, from where our focus is on eliminating higher risk companies to create a short list that forms the basis of the portfolio. This will be done across the global universe, using data and bespoke tools to operate in the most efficient way.

We are looking for someone to work alongside the lead fund manager, Andy Howard, to help build the tools to enable this analysis to happen, which will result in the creation of a portfolio based on this process, as well as help it develop it over time.

The role will include:
• Helping to develop and refine the structured analysis process, focused on assessing companies' underlying profitability and capital investment, sustainability, competitiveness and industry strengths in a systematic way that operates across the global equity universe.
• Helping to build and apply company specific diligence for the companies highlighted through that systematic process.
• Assisting in the building of a concentrated Global Equity portfolio designed to deliver sustainable growth and return potential over the next 10 years.
• Working to create a process to monitor fundamental risks to the portfolio that are not captured by more conventional measures.
• Helping to establish a framework to monitor and communicate the portfolio's performance, in the context of its long term focus.
• Ongoing monitoring of the portfolio and assessment of holdings to ensure that they continue to meet the investment criteria.

Essential skills include:
• Ability to work with large amounts of structured data and experience in building effective tools to analyse it. The scale of the analysis will exceed excel's capabilities so we are looking for competence in coding for example familiarity with R, SQL, Python.
• Understanding of company accounts, sector and market accounting anomalies.
• A genuine interest in investment drivers, stock analysis and portfolio construction and willingness to question conventional wisdom.
• Enthusiasm to identify and integrate factors which don't have a clear, quantifiable impact on near term earnings but will drive long term growth through cycles.