Credit Analyst-AVP (Generalist)

  • 84K + ~4 months bonus
  • Singapore
  • Permanent, Full time
  • Non-disclosed
  • 17 Feb 19

Asian Bank looking for a Credit Analyst- AVP

1. Primary Purpose
Conduct review and analysis of existing and potential borrowers for independent and impartial presentation of credit risk assessment.

2. Main duties
• Conduct independent and impartial credit risk analysis of existing and potential borrowers for (amongst others) creditworthiness and repayment capability.

• Prepare and present annual and quarterly “Credit Review” to the Branch Senior Management for existing and potential new Japanese and non-Japanese customers within stipulated framework pursuant to Head Office and branch’s policies and procedures (“P&P”).

• Review of credit rating (“CRR”) application proposed by Credit Investment Department

• Preparation of monthly report to Branch Senior Management (at Credit Committee Monthly meeting) tracking disclosure and receipt of financial statements, and completion of Credit Reviews and CRR reviews within timelines pursuant to Head Office and branch’s P&P.

• Preparation of monthly self review checklist reporting department’s work schedule to Branch Senior Management.

• Preparation of monthly report to Head Office of receipt date of financial statements.

• Preparation of financial and non-financial covenants via respective quarterly and monthly report to Branch Senior Management, together with detailed verification of individual covenants certificate provided by agent banks undertaken from time to time.

• Liaise with Head Office regarding credit control when necessary, which includes but is not limited to communications by e-mail or telephone.

• Organize Credit Committee Individual Proposal/Monthly Meetings. Prepare and circulate minutes thereof and maintain originals together with related materials so presented.

• Conducting research and producing report on local credit issues relevant to branch’s credit portfolio.

• Assist, train and provide oversight for junior or new colleagues to facilitate smooth running of CC Department operations.

• Undertake, assist and support CC Department’s drive to shift away from mechanistic compliance to individual assumption for practices that promote a culture of accountability and good conduct.

• Undertake other tasks regarding credit control under the direction of Head of Department.

3.Individual Accountability and Conduct – demonstrated by characteristics including [but not limited to] :
• Fit and proper conduct with appropriate standard of behavior for doing what is right and ethical.
• Driven by values, attitude and behavior of honesty and integrity.
• Embed and cascade down the right mindset for risk ownership to promote ethical behavior, professionalism and responsible risk taking, and promulgate good practices to promote sound industry norms.

4.Other Undertaking
Work in the other departments in the Branch when appointed by the Management.

5. Supervision Received
Supervised by Head of Department of CC.