Technical Assistant to the CEO

  • 1
  • Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
  • Permanent, Full time
  • ITFC - International Islamic Trade Finance Corp
  • 20 Oct 18

This role is responsible for assisting the CEO in executing his responsibilities in an efficient manner, by following up on requisite documentation to facilitate timely and effective decision making. This will include preparing technical briefs that enable insightful reviews and providing administrative support for day to day functioning.

  • Preparing technical documents and briefs on emerging issues or areas of concern, at the CEO’s request. Consolidating the relevant documentation and capturing summaries in order to enable subsequent review and revert.
  • Preparing all technical files related to the CEO’s activities.
  • Preparing all communications, briefs, talking point, and speeches needed by the CEO.
  • Soliciting technical reviews and opinion from internal stakeholders on emerging issues, reviewing the content and presenting to the CEO for his views and/or directives.
  • Following up on documentation required from internal as well as external stakeholders to enable overviews of ITFC operations, at the CEO’s request. Ensuring complete documentation basis, the requirements at hand.
  • Translating documentation between English, French and Arabic, and preparing summaries or supporting documentation, as required.
  • Reviewing all documentation and correspondence being managed within the Office of the CEO in order to ensure that the content is technically accurate, conduct quality checks on the language and ensure that the recipients are addressed correctly.
  • Reviewing all financial agreements and invoices to ensure that they are technically accurate, and all the supporting documentation secured.
  • Preparing and circulating the agenda for meetings called by the CEO. Stipulating the documentation requirements and following up with stakeholders to ensure timely submission.
  • Preparing a structured program for CEO’s missions, by scheduling meetings and appointments and producing an itinerary for the CEO’s reference.
  • Accompanying the CEO on missions, as required, and capturing the key points of discussion and findings for future reference in addition to managing all CEO logistics on the ground during the mission in coordination with the office of the CEO and relevant parties.
  • Coordinating and attending Committee Meetings Chaired by the CEO in order to ensure that the agenda is circulated and minutes prepared for closure and subsequent follow up. Liaising with the parties concerned to coordinate the timing and venue arrangements accordingly.

Attending meetings in the Office of the CEO, as required, in order to capture the key points of discussion. Following up post completion, in order to ensure that the directives issued are accomplished in a timely manner