Senior Manager Regional Credit

  • Salary: See description
  • Location: Doha, Dawhah, Qatar
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Company: Qatar National Bank (QNB)
  • Updated on: 21 May 19



  • Assess the business viability, management, technical, marketing, and production quality,  and credit worthiness of various borrowers, obligors, projects and counterparties to ensure the satisfactory repayment of debt service requirements in accordance with the terms and conditions of the proposed credit facility.
  • The incumbent ensures that all credit transactions entered into by the bank adhere to the bank’s established policies and procedures, including local and international regulatory and compliance requirements, as well as following the highest international market and industry standards and norms.  Otherwise, he/she seeks exception providing valid and sound justification without causing prejudice to the bank’s interests and reputation.  
  • The incumbent must meet the bank’s required credit approval process by assessing all relevant aspects of the borrower / project / transaction and ensures that all types of risks pertinent to the proposed credit facility are properly identified and mitigated in order to avoid default by the borrowers and obligors, so that the portfolio default rate of the bank will be kept at acceptable market and banking industry levels.
    The incumbent recommends rejection of un-suitable credit proposals due to non-credit worthy borrowers, weak facility structures, non-acceptable terms and conditions, and or un-reliable or un-satisfactory financials, as well as those transactions that do not adhere to bank’s policies and objectives, and regulatory and compliance regulations.
  • Proactively ensures the objectives and key result areas of the department are complied and met, if not surpassed by supporting the Head of Group Corporate Credit and Head of Regional Credit, and other Group Credit Division staff by performing required tasks and activities which help identify and mitigate risks and by ensuring that the Department’s functions are conducted within the approved Credit Risk Strategy and guidelines that reflects the Group’s tolerance for risk and the level of profitability the Group expects to achieve for incurring such various credit risks; 
  • Ensuring the highest standards of due diligence, credit and financial analysis and screening to ensure that non-creditworthy customers / projects are not granted credit facilities.
  • Actively participating in the evolution and upgrading of credit policies & procedures, as well as developing the Credit Application to a more professional and universal standard;
  • Proactively uses prescribed processes for evaluating credit proposals ensuring that all approved credits are within QNB’s Credit Risk Strategy and in compliance with the bank’s policies and procedures.
  • Coordinates, liaises with, and oversees lending and credit related non-retail activities of the Corporate Banking and International Branches, Financial Institutions, and Treasury business areas, as well as QNB Group subsidiaries and affiliates in order to provide support in terms of granting non-retail credit facilities to all borrowers and counterparties of QNB Group entities in Qatar and the countries where QNB has presence;
  • Builds and maintains strong and effective relationship with all the above departments, branches and units to achieve the Group’s goals/ objectives;
  • Provides timely and accurate information to Compliance function, and Regulators (through appropriate channels) as and when required;
    Ensures efficient, timely and quality service that adheres to stated Turn Around Times (TATs), as specified in various Service Level Agreements (SLAs);
  • Ensures appropriate updates on policies, rules and regulations pertaining to credit risk that are promulgated by QNB, QCB or other regulatory bodies and organizations, if any, are obtained regularly, and such updated information is immediately disseminated to concerned QNB units and personnel.
  • Recommends approval of requested credit facilities when borrower is found to be credit worthy, the facility structure and terms and conditions of credit are satisfactory, and the transaction is compliant with policies and objectives of the bank.
  • Reviews client’s quarterly or semi-annual risk assessment reports submitted from various International branches/ subsidiaries and affiliates and executes appropriate action if required including putting the client on watch list, reducing or cancelling credit facility, and demanding pre-payment in accordance to findings and as per requirements of credit policies and procedures of the bank.
  • Ensures that all business areas and units comply with all conditions precedent, conditions subsequent, and other credit deliverables, and covenants in-line with Group Credit/ Group Credit Committee approvals including but not limited to submission of financial statements and customer information updates, in a timely manner, and conduct immediate follow up and demand for such submission if such requirements are not submitted.
  • In the course of evaluating new non-retail credit proposals, or during periodic or ad hoc credit reviews, ensure that correct and appropriate Obligor Risk Ratings are determined for each borrower in accordance with the bank’s established policies and procedures using the Moody’s Risk Analysis system and methodology and ensure that such Risk Ratings reflect the current and appropriate risk profile of the borrower by assessing such ratings towards making upgrades or downgrades of credit ratings of customers as deemed necessary.
  • Recommends to decline of credit applications if the proposed credit doesn’t fit the banks criteria in terms of target industry/ industry cap, breaches in covenants/ conditions and collateral structure and has a high risk of default due to non-credit worthiness of the borrower, non-viability of the project or business, no clear source of repayment, absence of or unreliability of security, unsatisfactory track record, etc; 
    Coordinate lending activities with relevant business units to ensure the timely processing of customer credit requests within established TATs.



  • University graduate with a degree preferably in finance, economics or related subjects.
  • MBA or equivalent banking related training (preferred but not required)
  • Minimum of 10 years experience in a major bank [or comparable financial services or consultancy company] in a corporate or risk function especially doing financial analysis and modelling, credit assessment, financial packaging, structuring of credit facilities, and excellent knowledge of bank’s lending and non-lending products and services.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Arabic (Optional).
  • Excellent in accounting and financial analysis (spread sheet preparation, analysis and interpretation)
  • Good quantitative financial modelling, analytical, and research skills.
  • Adequate back ground and understanding of economic theory and principles.
  • Proficiency in risk concepts, banking products/ operations/ systems, pertinent regulatory requirements, International Accounting Standards and related pronouncements.
  • Knowledge of financial markets and products.
  • Good understanding of credit risk methodologies, interest rate modelling [short rate models, VAR, and/or other complex financial risk modelling highly desirable.
  • Good knowledge and experience in loan and security preparation and review.
  • Self-motivated,